Course Targets

English Language


- Offer every student the right to a second language which provides further opportunities for extending knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people, including opportunities for further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium

- Develop an ever-improving capability of students to use English to think and communicate; to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; and to respond and give expression to experience

- Lay a good English foundation and develop good learning skills in junior and senior forms respectively

- Enhance the English reading environment in the school

- Build up a rich student vocabulary bank

- Increase public exam pass rate

- Continue to promote English oral activities and teaching

- Promote a more user-friendly environment in the English Corner

- Increase colleagues’ knowledge of various teaching methods

- Lower colleagues’ workload through collaboration of work

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3 Year Plan


Subject Teachers



"Pretty good"


"Nice work"

"Keep going"




"Good job"

"Nice work"

"Nice work"

Miss Sabrina Yeung Panel Chairperson
Miss Phyllis Ip S1 Form coordinator
Miss Wai Tang S2 Form coordinator
Miss Stephanie Tong S3 Form coordinator, EB coordinator
Miss Bing Chan S4 Form coordinator
Miss Wing Lee S5 Form coordinator
Miss Amy Wong S6 Form coordinator
Miss Pauline Chan NET, activity coordinator
Miss Faith Wu Teacher
Mr Raymond Wong Teacher
Miss Jessica Chan Teacher
Mr Gary Yuen Teacher



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